All-Night Vigil (Confessions)

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This event is running from 7 April 2017 until 14 October 2017. It is next occurring on September 30, 2017 18:00

In Russian practice, the All-Night Vigil is the standard Saturday evening service and usually consists of Vespers, Orthros, and the First Hour—though on certain feasts, it includes Great Compline instead of Vespers. In parishes, Vigils are less strenuous than those conducted in the monasteries, but the structure remains the same. The Vespers often contains a Litia with the blessing of the bread—this is always the case on Great Feasts.

The differences between the more rigorous practice and general parish practice are that the latter contains some abbreviations, while the former is usually chanted to slower melodies and also includes additional readings that are done at certain places in the service. A less rigorous practice is to stop the Vigil after the First Hour, then to resume with the Third and Sixth Hours the following morning, followed immediately by the liturgy. In the more rigorous practice, the Hours continue without such a break.