History of St. Panteleimon Russian Orthodox Church

With the 55th anniversary of the founding of the Church “God knowest, Lord, save us!” The official date of the consecration of our church sv.vlkmch. Pantaleon falls on the 22nd April 1956, the consecration was made Archbishop. Gregory (Borishkevich), the first bishop of Chicago, and since 1957 the Chicago-Detroit dioceses. The building is located in the heart of the two Twin Cities: Minneapolis and St. Paul. However, it should be noted that every event has its own prehistory. Another four years before the consecration of the Orthodox were going in the house of Peter W. and Tatyana B. Ivanov on the street. Brian in Minneapolis and later in the house “quietest” Ivan Vasilyevich Tikhomirov, the first mayor of our community. Later, there were Litkevichi, Kirillova, Wasilewski, Alekseeva, Viktorov, Ivanina, Alenova, Shcheglovsky, Zhemchuzhnikova, Popov, Ganusovskie and many many others, can not list them all, and we would like. There’s just far from home Ivanov, opened the first parochial school in the building of the Presbyterian Church of the founders and builders of which was the couple Alexeyevs: Vasily and Lyudmila. The first priest was Fr. Peter Pankratov, and later on a regular basis from New York to become prizzhat. Peter Stupnitsky. He suggested that, according to T. Ivanova, dedicate the temple of the Holy. Panteleimon.When the community began to grow and worship in private homes do not accommodate all the worshipers began to think about buying the church. A.Wasilewski has found the current building and managed to negotiate an acceptable price, promised the owner that it will be arranged in the church, rather than an economic enterprise. The hands and the ability to say that the congregation had built this great house of prayer. At various times it was about two hundred parishioners in the church school had learned to forty students. There was a sisterhood of the holy martyrs Vera, Nadezhda, Lyubov and their mother Sophia. All older sisters and led them sisterhood played and continue to play an important role in the life of the parish: they organize charity bazaars, receptions and days the angels, closely watching the beauty of the church and the vestments of the clergy. At the consecration of the church Synod of the Church Abroad priest sends Boris Molchanov. In the spring of 1957 in place in New York ubyvshego about. Boris sent Archpriest Constantine Makovelsky, but for reasons of health and old age, he goes into retirement in 1959 comes a priest Basil Tereshchenko, who served for the rector of the parish 23 years! It is important to note that the death of Bishop. Gregory, in 1957, the Synod of supplies to the Chicago and Detroit Department of Archbishop Seraphim (Ivanov, mind. 1987), which became a real builder of the newly created diocese of the Church Abroad in the Midwest of America. It should be noted that Bishop Seraphim loved our parish, and never left it without a good shepherd. When a beloved priest Fr. Basil was sick and unwell, from New York, as the abbot came to us Hieromonk John (Magramm). Since it involves a number of important improvements in the life of the parish: the construction of the central dome, bell tower and installation of efficient cooling system in the temple with Peter Keller. In 1986 Fr.John leaves the parish and in his place, with the blessing of Auxiliary Bishop. Alypy Cleveland, who came from Czechoslovakia is assigned to. Boris Tkachenko of the secular clergy. He is remembered for his constant appeal to parishioners preaching to the native past and a desire to return to South America by water. Being an engineer by training, he even began to build a boat in the churchyard, than a matter of great curiosity among the neighbors and parishioners. After retirement in the parish of Kiev comes on briefly. Oleksandr Bondarenko with my mother Olga, daughter and father-in-hermits on. Gerontius. Because the relationship with the church council at about.Alexander did not work out, he in September 1994. leave the parish and for a time minister to the faithful priest. Mihalilom Nedelskaya who lived in Sioux Falls, ea. South Dakota. Finally, in 1995 came the arrival of the author of these lines, Fr. Eugene Grushetsky with her mother, Natalia, and 12-year-old Xenia. Lent 1995, the Sunday of Orthodoxy, in New York, he was admitted to Metropolitan. Vitaly (Ustinov) in the bosom of the Orthodox Church of the Belarusian Exarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church and the widow was appointed to the parish of St.. vlkmch. Archbishop of St. Panteleimon. Alypy (Gamanovicha). The important event occurred in 1996 on the 40th anniversary of our parish: it was committed by ordained deacon Basil reader Gilelanda belonging to the English-speaking part of our community, which plays an important role in our parish life. It should be noted that care and love the good zeal with which our parish is about. Basil and his semya, especially his father, Bill Gileland. So in 1996 we have in our church deacon ministry. In 2003, our diocese of Cleveland regained the chair, which was made Bishop Peter (Lukyanov) to provide all possible support to our ruling bishop. This was followed by the appointment of not only the geographical extension of the boundaries of the Western Diocese of the Mid-, but also increase the intensity of religious life in general. St. Panteleimon the parish has its own rich traditions: Christmas concerts are held each year with a very talented and bright artists and organizers. I would like to highlight the tireless Eugene Vasilyevna Ivanina and many members of the parish, the sisters and brothers who are actively and successfully involved and participating in these activities until now has been for nearly 55 years. , Numerous photos and videos of our performances of talented amateur participants. Sisterhood also arranges bi-annual pre-Easter and pre-Christmas dinners, bazaars, which play an important role of the missionary among the American population of the Twin Cities, and also bring the church is relatively small but steady fundraising. In addition, our sisterhood arranges receptions in honor of our patron saint, in the month of August, a week, and the Myrrh-day Saints Faith Hope and Charity. A special party in the life of our parish is the camp for young Russian scouts, boy scouts, or what is in the village. Vladimirov, pc. Illlinoys. One month spent there, sodelyvaet friendship lasting a lifetime later, teaches them to take joint action and reciprocity, provides the basis of Orthodox education, teaching ability to combine the spiritual values ​​of our faith with the demands of modern life. Church School After a successful start in the 50th years, with prof. Vasily Ivanovich Alekseyev and his wife Ludmila, when at school, on Saturdays, going up to 40 students in the 80th and 90th years of education has declined slightly due to different causes: frequent changes of priors and new parishioners and new ideas and different other factors. But now we are back on the raising of the energy is mainly due Kalevig Elena, Elena and Sophia Shurkinoy Schur, who were able to breathe new life into our Saturday school. I would also like to note the successful lessons of the Law of God, conducted by Alexander Ivkina subdeacon. Library Through the efforts of zeal and cares prof. Ekaterina Kuleshova we have gathered a considerable collection of books for the parish, numbering over a thousand volumes. Choir The first was a regent of the PM Taran, then it smenla LM Petrenko. Since 1971, the permanent regents of our choir is semya Litkevichey: Evgeny Feodorovich was a founder, then it was succeeded by his son George Litkevich safely driving chorus to this day. In addition, he is, and as a reader and is always ahead of everyone in the repair or renovation of our parish. In the choir also sings his wife, Alla S., son of Michael and grandson of Sergei. Here are a dynasty of singing Litkevichey. It would be unfair not to speak about the EV Ivanina, which is already 50 years glorifies God and pleases the congregation with their singing in the choir. Rectors Priest Peter Ponkratov 1953-1955 (served only in the house prior to the acquisition of this Ivanovs Temple) Archpriest Peter Stupnitsky July 1955 – June 1956 Archpriest Boris Molchanov July 1956 – March 1957 Archpriest Constantine Makovelsky Апрель 1957 – 1959 Archpriest Basil Tereshchenko 1959-1982 Hieromonk John (Magramm) 1982-1986 The priest, Boris Tkachenko, 1982-1993 Archpriest Alexander Bondarenko, 1993 – July 1994 – Acting. Rector – Rev. Michael Nedelskaya July 1994 – April 1995 Archpriest Eugene Grushetsky April 1995 – June 2011 – Acting. Abbot – Fr Andrew Papkov June 2011 – January 2012 (Serves Hieromonk Varnava (Goncharenko) September 2011 – January 2012) Priest Anthony Alekseenko January 2012 to the present time. Warden Ivan V. Tikhomirov: from 1956 to 1961. Makar S. Vasin: p. 1961 to 1967 Peter V. Viktorov: from 1967 to 1994 George Feodorovich Shtovhan: from 1994 to 2004 I would like to mention the last two assistant chiefs, tireless and unstoppable in his zeal to equip parish and repair the temple of Stepan Ivanovich Melikhovo. Alexander V. Shcheglovsky: from 2004 to 2007 Victor Durnev: from 2007 to the present time. The head sister Love S. Brody: 1956 – 1959 Tatyana Ivanova: 1959 – 1961 Lydia N. Keller: 1961 – 1986 Helena Petrovna Pregl: 1986 – 1995 Ekaterina Kuleshov :1995-96 Angelina Shcheglovsky: 1996 – 2007 Valentine’s “Harmony” Agadzanova: 2007 – 2012 Irina Belichenko: 2012 to the present. Treasurers Ivan V. Tikhomirov Jan. – June 1956 Alexander Vasilevsky: 1956-1994 Sergei G. Litkevich: 1994 – 1997 Helena Petrovna Pregl: 1997 – 2007 Dennis Durnev: 2007 – 2010 Radaev Alexander Johnston: 2010 to present. The secretaries of the Church Council Peter V. Ivanov: Jan.-Sept. 1956 Lyudmila Alekseeva: 1956 – 1994 Subdeacon Valentin Shcheglovsky: 1994-2004 Subdeacon Alexander Ivkin: 2004 – 2007 Julia Slag: 2007 – 2010 Nicholas Avdulov: 2010. Galina Mihaylova: 2011 – 2012 Igor Belichenko: 2012 to present.